Septic Field Prepared

One of my aims for this property is to create less work or to shift the amount of work around to other more useful projects.  At my current property I usually mow almost 6 hours a week!  That's 6 hours that could go towards something useful like managing a vegetable garden maybe.  This does relate to the post title since there are very few options for what to cover over a septic field that's maintenance free.  For the most part you are confined to using something with upkeep.  Letting the septic field fill in with shrubs, trees, deep rooting weeds is not good for the septic field so you are pretty much limited to a lawn but you can keep the lawn size of the lawn to a minimum which just covers the drainage field.  Another option is a wild flower field which you can mow down at the end of summer. Planting vegetables over the field is highly unsafe and can contaminate the crop if the field should seep sewerage to the surface for some reason.  In any case, we have some thinking to do.  The front of the house will basically consist of a brick walkway which will abut the edge of the woods and a driveway.  There will be a small patch of land in the front with some grass but small enough to mow in about 5 minutes.  The rest of the open area is going to be claimed yearly for a vegetable garden filled with vegetables that require little watering and maintenance.

The septic site had to be regraded with fill in order for it to be useable and that's now complete.  The crush stone is now sitting in a pile awaiting the footings and foundation walls to start next week.


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