The Flatrock Passive House Gets a Firm Foundation.

After every day that goes by I realize more and more that this is actually happening.  From grubbing, to excavation, to filling the hole, it has finally set in:  this house is happening!  Because of the way the foundation will be filled, it made sense to first fill the house footprint with blast rock.  There are 12 loads so far!  Each layer will be compacted with a roller and inspected by an engineer.  Over the next two days we are expecting that this will be completed.  By Thursday morning we'll have a firm base for the 4' frost wall.   The stepped portion of the wall will have to be dug out again in order to have the 6' and 8' frost walls at the same height.  Having this pad in place will provide access to the west of the lot where the septic system will be located and we'll begin rough work on the system before we start doing any foundation work.  While this is happening I am hoping to bore the well.  With the structural pad in place, the drillers will be able to get down on the pad and back into a small corner between the trees to start drilling.

You may notice a little girl dancing around...Yes she went right for the dirt!  Not sure why they like dirt so much...I guess they just do.


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