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Insulating the Interior Service Wall

Choosing insulation for the interior service wall was challenging.  I originally thought that I would do the work myself.  My plan was to fill the 2x4 space with batt insulation.  Intimidation set in once I realized how many wires, plumbing pipes, receptacles, and mechanical elements are integrated into the walls.  Reading this article at Energy Vanguard ( made me wonder; Is it possible to get a Class I installation in walls with so many "complications"?....cutting and splitting batts, handling them and pushing them around to fill the cavity uniformly...seemed like an impossibility.

Luckily, Bill Gifford (Home Shield Insulation), the insulator for my attic spaces, also knows a thing or two...or three, about dense packing fibreglass.  He uses the Owens Corning ProPink wall insulation system ( which is really a type of …

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