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Windows and Door Arrive!...Doors Installed!!!!

The doors that I ordered were pretty much the best that Kohler could offer.  The door frame is made of cellular PVC so there will never be any real maintenance issues like for vinyl clad with wood jambs where there is some risk for the wood rotting over time.  The door slabs are fiberglass.  In the front of the house we opted for a half glazed door since there were no windows in the main entry.  In the porch, a half glazed door allows some natural light to spill from the side porch on the house.  The south side of the house has a door with full glazing. The house doors are all triple glazed energlas plus (high solar gain on the south side, low solar gain on the north) corresponding to total door R-values of about 5 ( See Kohler energy efficiency ratings ).  They don't really provide any information about how this is measured but I assume its measured at the center of the door since they list different U-values depending on glazing coverage.  For example a door with no glazing has…

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