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Alot has happened....The greenhouse is now complete! The Three year project is now Done, Done and Done.

So.....A lot has happened!  The greenhouse is now complete!  My regular blogging frequency prevented me from making headway with various projects.  It was a very busy spring, summer and fall in 2019.  Working, planning our crops, maintaining a vegetable garden with weeding and regular succession plantings, and building a greenhouse all proved to be an exhausting task.  Funny, foreseeing all of the other stuff to be done, I was on the fence about building the greenhouse this past spring, but decided at the last minute I would move ahead with the project.   Now that it is finished I am glad that I did.  It turned out to be a great project with great dividends. The Greenhouse Unfortunately for the readers, I don't have many pictures to share illustrating details for air sealing, insulating, or how I designed the air barrier, or how I vented the rainscreens and roof...but I do have results!  Growing in an insulated subterranean environment does work!  But it only works well if you

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