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Framing Complete!

At the end of the last blog entry I was at a point where the main knee wall was complete and I have started framing the end walls.  Most of the framing details where fairly easy to complete although I had never framed and squared a building with a knee wall before.  There were some minor setbacks getting everything squared up but once that was completed, framing moved ahead quickly.  I had originally designed the building for trusses with gusset plates but realized that each truss was going to be more than I could handle on my own so decided on common rafters and a ridge board instead.  In order to place the ridge board I made sure to frame a pocket with enough space so we could lift and drop the ridge board down in place.  This complicated the design since the ridge board would now be part of the air barrier in the building.  Some attention to detail was required using similar methods that were completed during our house construction.  The ridge was supported with a post that sits o…

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