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Winter Update

A Great Growing Season

After a productive summer filled with deck building, a shade structure, landscaping, and a building a cellar, fall arrived!  I really can't recall a summer that went by so quickly.  To reiterate, in the previous post I talked a little about food security.  I tried to focus some of the landscape in our yard on producing food...and it was a huge success!  We had a steady supply of baby root vegetables and greens up until the end of September (Picture 1).  It was quite a bit of work but it was amazingly enjoyable watching the garden flourish and picking throughout the summer.  I battled with nature and learned a lot from my planting mistakes.  I will put those lessons to work next year as I work to add new crops and add resiliency to the garden.

Getting ready for the fall harvest was no easy task.  I had never owned a cellar before now, nor had I harvested or stored vegetables.  A lot of effort went into researching the old methods of root cellaring vegetables …

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