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Flooring for the main level: Part 1.

Flooring material for the main level was an easy choice.  It was so easy that we installed it in May 2017 before the walls were even erected!  We decided early in the process that the concrete slab was a good use of material.  Since the concrete was already in place it could be used as the primary floor and there was no need wasting more resources on flooring and installation.  Luckily, there are now companies in Newfoundland that grind and polish concrete floors!  One such company, Sam Roberts Cement Finishing, located in St. John's, has been working concrete for 2-3 generations.  Grinding and polishing is a new venture for their long lived company but I have a feeling that it will take off once people see the real potential of a concrete floor.   My feeling from the beginning was that covering a major part of the thermal mass of the building wasn't the best idea.  It really seemed like covering it would be wasting materials.   Besides, at the quoted price, it was cheaper tha…

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