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Penetrating the Air Barrier.

Dealing with penetrations in the air barrier has definitely been a source of stress during this project.  Although my plans contain the penetration details, implementation of those details is pretty much left to me; unless I decide that I need help and in which case I would call Passive Design Solutions.  Some penetrations through the air barrier needed careful thought and planning before jumping in otherwise you could risk the integrity of the air barrier and fool up the insulation in the wall cavity all in one shot.  There are 5 wiring penetrations to the outside:  3 receptacles and 2 lights (well there is actually 3 light circuits but two which were more worrisome than others.)

Mounting the light/receptacle blocks to the exterior of the building could have been a mess if there was no foresight.  It is hard to attach a trim block to a foam wall.  The only solution was blocking attached to the studs directly behind the foam in the wall before the cavities were insulated.  I used 2x6 …

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