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Moving along...Finally!

Now that I have had time to assess what was left by the first siding contractor, I have found many issues.  Some had to be fixed, others will never be noticed and none of the issues will be detrimental to the building, so I opted to save materials rather than waste them.  The project basically halted for about 6 weeks with the exception of a few interior things.

Things are moving quickly now that Keocan General Contracting Inc. are on site.  They have completed about 75% of the siding and are now working on completing the remainder of the soffit and fascia amongst other things.    This is the good news.  The bad news can be seen in Photo 1-1.  The previous siding company installed the siding courses at odd intervals.  I specified 4 1/2" but they are all over the place.  This being said the install looked fine since 1/8" here an there isn't really noticible.  However, I knew moving forward that carrying these errors around the whole building would be impossible.  Pat and …

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