A Roof Over our Heads....Almost!

It has been not quite two weeks since our last progress report.  As usual things are moving along.  We are seeing changes every day.  Here are some pictures showing incremental changes from the point of view of the North Elevation (Photo 1-1 to 1-3) and the South elevation (Photo 1-1 to 1-4) of the house.  All of the deep window bucks have been complete and we continue to work upwards to the roof system.  The wall system has proven to be fairly easy to implement but it does involve splitting the work into different tasks as we build upwards.  We work upwards at one full sheet of foam (True wall from NL styro, custom ordered with 2x4 slots) at a time then stop at the nearest sheet dimension to complete framing tasks above.   In photo 2-4 you will see that the trusses have an 18" heel.   This heel allows us to add more insulation.  You can see that the foam on photo 1-3 is just below the heel on the north wall.  The foam will extend up beyond the eave and cover the heel.  With cellulose in the attic and the foam outside the double top plate, it will help decrease the thermal bridging to the inside of the house.

The roof trusses were designed by a local company and are fairly typical of a home like this with a 10/12 pitch.  That 10/12 pitch is going to be great should we ever consider solar panels now that net metering is an option here in our province.  Small scale generation using PV could easily offset all of the power that this house needs.  My net metering application has been submitted and is in the process of being reviewed.

We are expecting the trusses to be finished up next week as well as roof sheathing.  Then comes roofing!!!!

Photo 1-1 North elevation about 3 weeks ago

Photo 1-2 North elevation about 1.5 weeks ago

Photo 1-3 North elevation today.

Photo 2-1 South Elevation about 3 weeks ago

Photo 2-2 South Elevation about 1.5 weeks ago

Photo 2-3 South Elevation about 1 week ago

 Photo 2-4 South Elevation Yesterday.


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