Floor Plans and Renderings

Since yesterday there have been several rounds of plans and renderings.  We are trying to capture the Newfoundland vernacular architectural style: The Saltbox.

Saltbox homes are simple, linear, built to shed the newfoundland climate with a steep pitched roof.  They also happen to be a great shape for a Passive House.  Here are a couple of the floor plans and renderings:

The main difference between the two plans is the gable orientation on the garage.  Sch-3 has a much simpler roof line than Sch-4  This may be our best option since the area over the breeze way can be included in the thermal envelope of the garage and add for extra space in the garage attic.  We can add a shed canopy to the front/back of either plan to act as shading over the south facing windows if necessary.  We'll see....next round to come soon....


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