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Insulating and Backfilling....Bye Bye Foundation....I won't be sorry to see you buried!

Foundations are complicated.  After back filling, it is too late to make changes so getting it right the first time is a given. Therefore having a detailed plan makes sense.  The air intake pipes require some attention to detail to ensure they function properly.  As warm summer air enters the pipes and begins to cool, humidity will decrease through condensation on the pipe walls.  Perforated drain pipes will allow that moisture to drain as long as the material surrounding the pipe can transport bulk moisture.  Compacted earth has little drainage capacity so surrounding the pipes with a material that can pack around the pipes in order to make good thermal contact but yet be able to soak up and transport the moisture draining from the pipe perforations is necessary.  Class A gravel provides a good medium to achieve this.  It will pack around the pipes but allow moisture to migrate.  My site is pretty confined at this point and it would be difficult for an excavator to get around so a sh…

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